Neurowolf: Just Tweet Jeff Davis About Sterek!



Only12 out of360tweets were about Sterek.

I see quite a large number of posts saying “Omg don’t harass him”. And I agree! DO NOT HARASS HIM. However, Jeff himself made it very clear that Sterek was on the table. But this is a ‘risky’ move of sorts. Believe it or not, he needs to be made aware of the support.

We are brilliant at showing our support ON TUMBLR. Outside of tumblr we generally tend to not wander. Despite our numbers being… way… way… WAY larger than one might guess (And the support from other fandoms completely removed from Teen Wolf for Sterek to happen is certainly there!)… we don’t push outside of tumblr very often.

The user generek went to Jeff Davis twitter (keeps tabs on it regularily) and found very interesting statistics.

Jeff Davis recieved recently ~ 30 tweets an hour over the time span of 12 hours. Resulting in 360 tweets total.


Jeff Davis isn’t being “bombarded” with support, in fact the exact opposite… there are very vocal people shipping the abomination “Sterica” and tweeting him.

Example (this very inflammatory tweet):

So how about we actually show Jeff Davis the support for this… “Gay non-sense relationship.” (How homophobic isthat?)

Am I saying spam him with “STEREK LOL STEREK MANG PLZ”? No…

But saying something like this would be more than ample and fine! And certainlyNOTharassment:

“Hello Jeff Davis, I really love your show and appreciate all the time and care you give us as your fandom. I’m really hoping that there is a possibility for Sterek to happen. Best of luck shooting season 3!”

Even just saying something like this would be short,sweet and appropriate!:

“I really hope Sterek becomes a reality.”

We will NOT get Sterek if we do not give him our support, it is a bold move on his part in our very heteronormative society. We need to actively start to push out our fandom from tumblr and join together to make this happen.

Sterek isn’t just Teen Wolf, if Sterek happens then it will pave the way for new “ships” to become canon, we’re however the fortunate first fandom to get this chance… We have the chance to make it so that our children don’t live in a society where “ew gay couples on tv” is even uttered! We can make history on this show, displaying a gay couple that isn’t flamboyant, that doesn’t wear pink and is more true-to-life than what Glee displays. We have this amazing opportunity…


Visibility and Representation: if you want visibility in your media, in your culture, in the things you love, you have to be visible yourself.

Be polite, be thoughtful, be honest, be real. Ya’ll are 98% honestly lovely people, don’t be afraid of showing Jeff Davis this.

Don’t be afraid of wanting nice things.

Don’t be like that fanfic where the pair pines after each other for TEN FUCKING YEARS because they can’t learn communication skills in a shorter amount of time. That’s an utter waste and terribly tragic, and ya’ll are better than that, right? Right. How do you know that Jeff Davis isn’t waiting there with baited breath and open arms if you don’t even try?

Yeah, we might be reading him wrong, but what if we’re reading him right? What if all he’s waiting for is enough acknowledgement from the fans, and he’s already put himself ‘out there’ as far as he’s able, given his own limitations?

What. If.


Maybe now people will stop being assholes and telling everyone to shut up.

It’s all about being polite, respectful, and tasteful. No one here was raised in a barn so just don’t act like it and everybody wins.

Showing support for both Sterek and the show in general is a better tactic then just Sterek, I think he’s more receptive to that. Make sure he knows we love him no matter what.