The people at Rooster Teeth were excited to animate women.

The men at the animation studios wore heels to get to learn their characters better.

The animators act out their scenes, no matter the gender, to learn more about how to draw their characters.

If that doesn’t fill you with love for RWBY’s animators. I don’t know what will.


We live in a society that’s sexist in ways it doesn’t understand. One of the consequences is that men are extremely sensitive to being criticized by women. I think it threatens them in a very primal way, and male privilege makes them feel free to lash out.

This is why women are socialized to carefully dance around these issues, disagreeing with men in an extremely gentle manner. Not because women are nicer creatures than men. But because our very survival can depend on it.


No skin thick enough: The daily harassment of women in the game industry

The whole article sadly hits very close to home.

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"In the original ending, they actually GET the stars. In this ending, he has to MAKE her the stars. And it is a sign of a couple coming half way towards each other. She learned to listen to him — what he’s looking for. And he will ALWAYS be there for her, so she won’t be disappointed."

John Rogers The First Contact Job Commentary, re: Hardison and Parker, and their picnic under the stars, “ruined” by the rain.


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Finished Mockingjay.

I want to curl up in a corner and never read anything again.

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no but remember how derek taught scott how to be a werewolf

imagine scott having to teach derek how to be human

#no derek you’re not dying #you just have a cold #you just need to take some medicine #becAUSE THAT’S WHAT HUMANS DO TO RID ILLNESS DEREK

So I’m basically watching Teen Wolf via tumblr now?

And basically I know Parrish is hot, new werewolf is Jackson with best friend Not!Danny and there are teenage wolf hunter dude and chick except I’ve literally not seen ONE pic of her on my dash (I’m only using my dash for science purposes) so my imagination is running wild with what she looks like (it’s like listening to radio almost).

Also Kira has gotten to play lacrosse and that was top notch.

Kate is up to something but fuck if I know what.

And Allison is still dead.

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